At our recent International Women’s Day event on Friday March 8th, 2019 we were lucky enough to spend the evening with 5 incredible panelists as well as a room of 50 women talking all things money. As part of the event goodie bag, the attendees were gifted the FFT EXPERT GOLD BOOK and sent an electronic copy after the event.


This magic booklet includes Q&A responses from 9 experts in financial advisory, wealth management, psychology, accounting, property advisory, mortgage broking and law – all of the ingredients every woman needs to feel empowered with the power of financial independence.


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  • Brenda Hutchinson, Michelle Griffiths, Wendy Waack, Partners, TAG Financial Services
  • Georgia Ridler, Psychologist, Performance Potential
  • Kate Vines, Property Adviser and Expert, Melbourne Property Advisory
  • Melinda Young, Mortgage Broker, Money Simplicity
  • Queenie Ling, Marketing Strategist, RAIZ Investment
  • Dari Levy, Solicitor, Director of The Law Boutique
  • Victoria Devine, Financial Advisor, Director and Co-Founder of Zella Wealth
  • Helen Baker, Author and Financial Adviser, Godfrey Pembroke Financial Services
  • Katie Bryan, Accountant, Founder and Director, Propeller Advisory


Fearless Female Traders



DISCLAIMER: The information and responses disclosed in this booklet are general advice only and do not take into account your personal financial situation. If you are seeking specialised advice specific to your situation, Fearless Female Traders always suggest getting professional advice. Any financial action taken as a result of this booklet is at the discretion of the person [individual], and not that of Fearless Female Traders or the ‘experts’ contained within.