Bryanna McDermott

Bachelors Biomedical Science

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)


There are a few strings to Bryanna’s bow – FFT Founder, MBA graduate, Clinical Trial Project Manager, reformed shopaholic, investment enthusiast, coffee snob, and self-proclaimed feminist who doesn’t hate men. Working alongside some of the industry’s most influential experts (i.e. the ones with the ‘official’ financial qualifications), Bryanna brings sass and spunk to a part of our lives that is heavily dominated by men in blue suits and a crap load of jargon.


So, with all of these powers combined, Bryanna loves sharing her new found finance knowledge and experiences with fellow fearless females searching for that elusive financial freedom. Why does it have to be so bloody hard? Well it doesn’t, and that’s the soul and purpose of bringing FFT to the big world wide web.

Sam Bright from Thrive Fiance

Samantha Bright

Director & Investment Financial Specialist, Thrive Investment Finance

In her career with some of Australia’s biggest banks, Samantha Bright transformed the financial futures of many Australians. She became one of Australia’s sought after specialists, guiding credit advisors through the maze of SMSF funded property investment. Samantha realised that with the right help, regular Australians could be helped to achieve their dream of owning investment property.


Samantha started Thrive to share her specialist expertise and passion for finance. She works with everyday people – mums and dads, small business owners, health workers, administrators, tradies, teachers – people like you and me. People with no specialist expertise in finance who want to create a secure future without missing out on life today.


While some of Thrive’s clients are interested in property investment, others simply want to make the most of their incomes to secure a healthy financial future – without missing out on life in the process. Often, the difference from a few seemingly small changes can have big results. Adjusting a loan, changing credit card repayments, getting a better deal on a mortgage – actions that take moments but transform your finances. The Thrive team has the knack of making your money work harder, so you don’t have to. Thrive will explain all aspects of finance – even the complex scenario of SMSF funded property investment – in plain English, with no confusing finance industry jargon, and no scary sales pitch. One quick call or email and you could be on the path to financial freedom!


Contact Thrive (07) 3103 1450

geoff fairborn hiking

Geoff Fairburn

Bachelor of Resource Studies (Economics)

Masters of Applied Science (Economics)

Graduate Diploma in Advanced Finance


Geoff is an experienced financial communication expert and former investment research analyst with a background in financial planning. He has worked for major superannuation, banking and investment companies such as AMP capital, MLC and ANZ in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Geoff also has a Masters Degree in Economics and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance. He is therefore super smart.


In his spare time he can be found mountain biking, hiking in the southern alps of New Zealand, cooking extremely hot Indian curries and watching the rugby (obviously cheering for the All Blacks, sorry Wallabies fans).

Melissa Meagher

Melissa Meagher

I am driven to make a difference –and how I do that is I move people from feeling out of control to full financial control. This is achieved through online tools, webinars, seminars workshops and individual coaching.


You will gain a thorough understanding of where you are right now with your finances, with a very clear strategy of how to move forward. You will build an awareness around where you are spending too much money, and implement easy steps to turn this around. You need to do something different to make a difference, and that is the difference I can make with you, to your life.


Melissa has over 20 year’s experience in the financial services industry, working predominantly as a financial planner, but also as a stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist. Melissa has worked with a variety of different employers – from large financial institutions such as Sunsuper, Suncorp and Westpac to small boutique financial planning firms. Melissa hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Diploma of Financial Planning and is a Certified Financial Planner (non-practising category).


With a passion for finance and making a difference in people’s lives, Melissa was naturally drawn into financial planning. But while working in the industry she realised there was a strong need to educate and coach people around their own personal finances before they were ready to seek financial advice. This has led Melissa to run her own Financial Coaching business called Talking Money.


Melissa like to keep fit and healthy and enjoys spending time with her two children. Good company, food and wine are essential!


Lloyd Ross holding a book

Lloyd Ross

BBmed.Sc, MBus, JD, GMQ, DipLaw, LREA


A Lawyer by profession, Lloyd is a Level 3 CFA exam candidate, owns and manages a property investment and sales business, holds a Bachelors Degree in Biomedical Science, a Masters in International Business, a Juris Doctor and full real estate license, tutors corporate finance, manages a personal and family equities portfolio and is a professional network marketer in the nutrition industry. Doesn’t sleep a lot. Loves Warren Buffett and is an avid reader of biographies and anything to do with value investing.