Reformed Shopaholic, MBA graduate and serial career-chaser, I am the Founder and creator of Fearless Female Traders, making money sexy again.

This is me, Bryanna. A fearless female and blogger novice. I always thought I knew finance, income in = income out and voila I have 4 new pairs of shoes, a ball gown I’ll never wear and my supply of avocados and toast for the next month. But alas, it turns out that I wasn’t in control of my finance nor did I have the confidence to invest my savings (or lack thereof) into anything of substance…besides my rent.


Since finishing my MBA and delving into mortgage-land, I quickly realised that money is not sexy. Not even a little bit! But it was my female crush, Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook), who once said…”what would you do if you weren’t afraid”…and here I am! I finally decided to put my big girl pants on and start FFT to encourage women to ask questions about their finances, learn about their position and be confident in their financial decisions.


At Fearless Female Traders, we include musings from my personal experiences, advice from industry experts – the financially qualified crew – and plenty of sass to keep you giggling. It’s the blog without the BS, finance without the jargon and an online community that I hope you enjoy being a part of. Don’t be shy and tell us what you think, because 9 times out of 10, there are other women with the exact same questions.


If I can manage to cut out the boring aspects of finance, pay for a wedding and manage my own investment portfolio, anyone can!



Fearless Female Traders


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    What an amazing day meeting an amazing young woman – Bryanna McDermott from Fearless Female Traders – Bryanna is on a mission on create financial education for women that is jargon free from some of the leading industry experts…


    › Big Girl Pants

    I am someone who hates the word “budget”, but in the last few months I have realised that a. As I grow older and life gets a little more hectic it’s awesome to plan out the month to know where ma pennies are going (& that’s pre-kids!) & b. A small business is absolutely reliant on one c. I want to start setting up some good habits for the long term. Bree & I went to uni (back in the day!) and this is her new venture – this isn’t a sponsored post or anything as I truly believe in what this chick is creating. Mission: making managing our coin simple.

    › Credit Card Sobriety

    ‘FFT your page motivated me to ditch my credit card. I am now one month credit card sober and feeling empowered!