How I found my financial Feng Shui

As we sat on my bare living room floor, sharing a terrible glass of red, my bestie changed my life. Not so much in a literal sense, more so because It was the first time I laughed so hard a little bit of pee came out. Life changing.  My BFF – who might I add is a super smart lawyer going to the Bar – told me with a straight face she was working on the Feng Shui money corner in her apartment, that she’d bought a small waterfall, and that Kmart has a great selection if I’m ever interested. I was hysterical, tears streaming down my face and temporarily losing my bladder (and no, I haven’t birthed a child), before I realized she was being quite serious and I was being quite rude!


It turns out Jayne isn’t the only smarty-pants living a Feng-Shui life. Google made that pretty clear. There was oodles of information, way too much for my poor little post-holiday brain to consume. Through it all, I couldn’t help but wonder – sh*t, is this how the super wealthy have been living their best life, laughing at ignorant people like me? As someone who preaches being financially savvy, I couldn’t believe how out of touch I was. It seems like every multi-millionaire and successful businesswoman and man adopts Feng-Shui for wealth. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Feng-Shui book sits on the bedside table of Warren Buffet. Now it’s time I do too. Sign me up!


After scouring every Feng Shui website, blog and YouTube instructional, I am proud to say that my house (much to my husband’s delight) is now officially Financially Feng Shui’d. Bring me all the money b*tches! To share the love, and so I don’t feel completely alone on this, here are my Top 6 Feng Shui essentials to bring wealth to your home:


Find Your Wealth Area – Every home will have its own wealth corner and this is the first area to focus your new Feng Shui attention. Ancient Chinese theory suggests this will be in the south-east corner of your house. If you’re like me and are terrible with directions, use the compass on your iPhone. The wealth area is also associated with the flow of water and it turns out the owners of our rental property were one step ahead and built a water feature/fountain at the SE corner. Perfect!


If your SE corner happens to be in your wardrobe, that’s OK! Others use their wealth area as a place to project positive energy. It might include happy photos, memory pieces, or other items that are important to you. They don’t have to be related to money, just symbols of a good energy.


how i found my financial feng shui

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Declutter and Organise Your Home –  Many Feng Shui experts believe that clutter is a sign of negative energy and pessimism (Rodika Tchi, Fengshui Expert) which is a big fat deterrent for wealth. I hate clutter, purely because it does nothing for my stress levels. Just ask my husband. For me, clean house equals clean mind. If you have hoarding tendencies and your kitchen bench and cupboards are crawling with things and bits, spend some time this weekend decluttering; creating open space for good chi and the flow of positive energy. Being organized in a clear space is powerful for the mind and your wealth chi!


Introduce the Flow of Water – The association of water and wealth is (apparently) a well-known Feng Shui staple and is probably the reason why so many people have fountains in their home! Take Jayne’s advice and head to Kmart – they have a great selection for $20. My only warning, don’t put it in your bedroom. This is not good Feng Shui.


Enhance Fengshui Colours –  Gold and purple are the colours of wealth, but it’s mainly gold. Obviously. Now I’m not saying you should go out and buy all the tacky gold-trimmed fittings or purple furniture but being mindful of these colours and introducing them when there is a connection, is a must. I recently purchased a glass coffee table with gold (not actual gold, duh) edging before writing this, so I’m pretty pleased about that!


how i found my financial feng shui

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Replicate Nature – When I think Feng Shui nature, I go straight to those cute little bamboo plants. But that’s a bit small minded! Nature is our connection to the earth and our energy so any lush green plant in a strong pot is a magnet for great wealth. [Off to Bunning’s she goes!]


Use Mirrors –  Not for selfies, ladies! Despite being pretty additions to your interior styling, mirrors also help create depth and space in a room, reflecting light and bringing ‘good energy’. Mirrors are the must have in Feng-Shui principles and if they happen to be gold-trimmed, they will be the big money-maker in your home!


I’m still a beginner, and still learning how to Feng Shui without my husband thinking I’m a loony. What I have found, is that you don’t need a personal stylist or a thousand dollars to successfully Feng Shui. Start at Kmart with your $20 water fountain and let me know how you go. If, however, you do become a millionaire and your wealth grows, I’d appreciate a cheeky shout out. Cheers!


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  1. From Jo Hodgson››

    Great article Bryanna. I’m with you for clutter – a struggle to maintain with kids mind you. Love a plant. I have a gold trimmed mirror by chance. Now for a water feature. If there’s a chance it helps count me in $¥€£

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