I’d like to introduce you to my personal chef…

Anyone who knows me well, or lived with me during my Sydney share-house days in the late noughties, would be well acquainted with my lack of cooking skills. You see, I like to think of myself as a ‘preparer’, like opening cans and buttering toast. I’m just terrible at the cooking part. Avocado 5 ways was my specialty – back when they didn’t require a mortgage to enjoy. As I’ve gotten older, and attempted to adult, I have experimented with almost every quick-and-easy meal option. I’ve tried the weekly meal-prep thing, but after spending 4 hours in the kitchen on a Sunday making sweet potato cakes, I canned that. I have made big meals at night so that there were left overs for 3 days, but this didn’t suit my picky-eating habits (p.s. who can have the same meal 20 times?!). I have done it all.


When I met my husband, my cooking abilities and budget were thrown into a different stratosphere. His job means he has to eat a lot, and before I knew it, my $50 weekly budget is now upwards of $300 – $400 per week (don’t worry gals, it’s totes budgeted- but that’s a story for another day). Not only was my ass doubling in size, but my food budget – which was now ‘our’ food budget – was growing. He needs carbs and all the delicious things my body loves when it is fattening up for hibernation. I need vegetables and air. The problem was, I was also traveling a lot for work, so my home and away meals included a steak, roasted duck fat potatoes and a bowl of Shiraz more than 2 nights a week – thanks work.


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If I was going to survive the summer, I needed a personal chef and personal trainer. Surprisingly my budget laughed at me. Dammit. And then, as though I had just won the lottery, I received my personal chef – Youfoodz! I’m sure some have you are already on this bloody fabulous bandwagon, but I’ve only been on it for the past 12 months and let me tell you, IT SAVED MY ASS AND MY BUDGET! At $9.95 per meal, I mostly use it for breakfast and lunch options. Traveling 2 – 4 days a week means brekky usually entails my free Qantas Club flat white (I know, I know, it’s probably the reason I’m squishy) and then nothing until 2pm when I’m a ravenous animal who could eat anything and everything put in front of her. Not ideal.

id like to introduce you to my personal chef

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I’m always looking for the easiest and fastest option, because let’s be real, I’m lazy AF when it comes to food. I want a healthy, balanced and cheap breakfast that doesn’t taste like cardboard and fills me up until lunch or my mid-morning snack. I recently road-tested the Youfoodz Stacked Brekky Wrap on my husband and didn’t hear a peep for a whole 4 minutes as he inhaled in spectacular fashion. Their lamb salad is always a better option then my sorry-excuse for a lettuce bowl and far more delicious too. I might even splash out and match it with a protein ball or two. And for those nights I get home late after a flight, I’ll take one of the lighter dinner options, like the turkey rissoles and veggies, and I’m satisfied without the greasy feeling of a dirty maccas run. Anyone who is short of time, but wants the tastiness of a home-cooked meal without the price tag of every bloody spice and herb available at the supermarket, I have found food nirvana – it’s called Youdfoodz!


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All of the meals arrive fresh – none of that frozen BS – and last up to 7 days in the fridge. On average I’m spending about $50 per week on Youfoodz (if you average out the meals I keep in the freezer), and saving close to $70 per week on our normal food budget because I’m not buying a thousand ingredients in an attempt to make chicken breast taste anything but boring. In fact, it’s now cheaper for me to travel and buy Youfoodz then it is to stay at home…shhhh don’t tell the hubs!

Id like to introduce you to my personal chef

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If you have ever ordered through Youfoodz, you are part of the secret society who get treated like Kings and Queens every week. Gifts, free meals, hilarious text messages and a customer service team that could rival any online dating app. I’m telling you, it’s my personal chef and is here to stay in my life and my budget!


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