Sometimes we need to struggle before we can grow

A well respected property agent and a successful IT engineer met, married and kicked some serious career goals. The nerd opened his own firm, and the power couple thrived….. in their careers at least.


They lived beyond their means. They viewed budgets for the weak or poor. They always shouted mates at the bar. They holidayed without saving. They spent like they were already rich.


Looking back at these mistakes, I wished I was writing a story for a client or someone else not myself, but sadly it was us.


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Chris and Emma – the epitome of striving for working towards the dream… but the reality was we were being so stupid with our money and had no concept of it all drying up… and then it did! Hello GFC!


Property was a difficult market to sell. No one wanted to spend the big bucks on IT managed services like they had been, and the world (it seemed) was crumbling. In hindsight, if we had of prepared, saved like we were hibernating we would have been fine, but we never assumed the worse!


It was the wake-up call we NEEDED and now, I am so grateful for this. We moved back into my parents’ home, rented our home to tenants, and saved like we would never see another dollar. Now, a decade on, we have an enviable property portfolio, savings, 2 children and holiday overseas twice a year but save for these and use as a reward for our hard work.


struggle before grow

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We plan, we save, and as a property professional who assists clients into a portfolio of investments, I now am confident to show clients how they too, can overcome their bad habits and rewrite their financial future.


With thanks to the babes at FFT – their passion is evident and hence why I saw it fit to tell my story to help another.


For a long time, I was ashamed of my financial past. Not now – I respect my journey and see it fit that I should help others with theirs as well. It’s never too late to start, and your future self-will thank you for the steps you make today to better your finances.


If we can, you can!


Em x 


It’s a well-known fact that women are becoming more and more critical in financial decision making than in years past. Many women are marrying later or not at all and subsequently needing to take full control over their financial destiny. In over 70% of property purchases, a woman will be the key decision maker. Women do learn differently, and all the feedback we have had confirms that they love the opportunity to learn in a female friendly fashion. Once women receive the right knowledge, overcome their fear and network with other like-minded women, they are ready to take action. We want to provide that environment and empower women and their partners to create wealth and achieve true financial freedom by using a proven low risk strategy to accumulate multiple new residential investment properties with a focus on compounding capital growth. It’s not rocket science, we are helping hundreds of everyday Australians do this right now. Our strategy is proven and is with low risk. We will provide the team and the tools to easily achieve a significant investment portfolio that will enable to you to retire comfortably. Emma Herbert – Women’s Property Panel

Visit the ladies @ Women’s Property Panel!



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