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Shopping budget make over

House & Home, Savings

Buying for your family, partner or even yourself and hate (I mean have nightmares) about budgeting for the weekly food bill? No one likes it but unfortunately it’s a fact of life! Planning for one person or even a whole family can be hard, especially when you’re struggling to keep the ol’budget in check.

To keep your family (or individual) shop on track, I’ve put together my FAVE TOP TIPS (in no specific order!):
1. Buy in Bulk – my fave.
2. Don’t be Lazy – incidental eating is ‘lazy’ eating and chews up your money faster than you can say Happy New Year!
3. Plan Everything – check your freezer, pantry and other dry goods before heading out. If you’re not a vegetarian, it’s easier to plan each meal around a meat.
4. Prioritise – some people are OK with eating the same meal three times a day for a whole month. Me? Not so much. I prioritise variety and meat. A small family may prioritise sandwich ingredients and lunchbox fillers for the kids.
5. Don’t Shop Hungry – OMG don’t go there girlfriend. It only ends one way.
6. Have a budget – please. pretty, pretty please. Do you get paid monthly? If you’re like me and you do, then budget monthly and plan weekly.

My shopping trip took me here:
The Superbutcher – www.superbutcher.com.au
The Ashgrove Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Market
Local supermarket (for the TP & bread)

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How to get rid of YOUR credit card debt



Did you know that in Australia we have over $50billion worth of credit card debt (that’s 10 zeros). And yet, young people still find themselves in a position where they have to file for bankruptcy because they can’t afford the repayments. This is just ridiculous!

This episode of Fearless Female TV talks about the dangers of credit card debt and other strategies for getting out and avoiding this horrid card altogether. Melissa Meagher also joins us from Talking Money and shares some incredible insight into what she’s seen with some of her clients and how she’s been able to help them get out of the cycle.


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Why FFT?

Lifestyle, Savings

Reformed shopaholic come MBA graduate versus self-confessed OCD sufferer. And together you have FFT. We’re sassy, we’re smart, we’re fun. Get onboard the Fearless Female Traders train. You’ll exit at financial freedom in no time. Trust me.

p.s I’m well aware that the tag is hanging out of my dress but the footage was too god to try and capture again. I’m imperfect and OK with that!

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Some ‘HOME’ truths for your future

House & Home, Investing

INTRODUCING…Samantha Bright, Founder of Thrive Investment Finance. Our very first industry expert vlogger (and netflix lover). To keep up with the cool kids AND get FREE financial advice from our experts, make sure you subscribe to Fearless Female TV and comment below with any questions you want answered in our next VLOG. Don’t be shy, think of this as your ‘financial safe place’! OK, now we can get onto the vlog…

Generally speaking, ‘investing’ can be a really boring topic, especially when you know nothing about it and some guy in a black suit with a grey tie is talking at you in a monotone voice. Not here!

Recently I met with out first Industry Expert ‘Samantha Bright’ of Thrive Investment Finance to talk about some ‘home’ truths’ of the property market. It’s far from boring and there isn’t one suit in sight. In fact, I think my bright pink top speaks for itself!


Join the conversation on how you see yourself in the property market and what changes you would make to your current situation.

If you want to contact Sam about your mortgage or property investment position, use the details below and be sure to include FFTV in your initial contact for some special treatment!


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Who’s Who in the Zoo

House & Home


OK, so you have your deposit saved up, pre-mortgage anxiety levels in check and you’re ready to take the plunge. BUT, where do you begin? Do you go to your bank that you have had an account (possibly a dollarmites) with since you started saving your pocket money; do you go to a competitor bank; or do you start the long road of choosing the best mortgage broker? With all of the other responsibilities and changes that come with buying your first home (or even an investment property), where to get your loan from can be overwhelming and bloody confusing!


Samantha Bright graces our screens again to take us though the differences between choosing a bank and a broker to procure your loan. As per usual, it’s insightful, easy to understand AND relatable. Sam is a really unique broker and at FFT, we couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

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